American Airlines Tennis Tournament
History 2011-2014
Tennis Tournament 2011

Tournament Director- Ken & Eileen Kummer
Tournament Site- Hillsboro Club, Hillsboro FL
Date- May 2-5, 2011

Mixed Double
4.0 Champions- Cheri Pritchard & Tom Downey 
Finalists- Diane Byrd & Rick Nazario
3.5 Champions- Karen Carlton & Kirk Pannier
Finalists- Kathy Koch & Miguel Mendoza
3.0 Champions- Jackie Downey & Steve Thomas
Finalists- Jill & Mickey Stewart
Ladies Singles
4.0 Champion- Diane Byrd            Finalist-Cheri Pritchard
3.0 Champion- Florencia Ferguson    Finalist- Lisa Ponder
Mens Singles
  4.5 Champion-Bill Talbot        Finalist- Mike Spasiano
   4.0 Champion- Don Ferguson   Finalist- Gary Brietling
   3.5 Champion-James McTernan   Finalist-Hector Baez
Ladies Double
 4.0 Champions-Diane Byrd & Cheri Pritchard       
  Finalist- Mary Akin & Veronica Stanfield
3.5 Champions- Cathy Kock & Terry Ulhrich      
           Finalist- Magda Newman & Florencia Ferguson
3.0 Champions-Lisa Ponder/Kerry Jame       Finalists-Lisa Moore/ Karen Weldon
Mens Doubles
4.5 Champions- Bill Talbot & Mike Spasiano  
Finalist- Jay Cooley & Andy Diego
   4.0 Champions-Gary Brietling &  Phil Manczak  
         Finalist-Miguel Mendoza & Alex del Rosario
3.5 Champions-Mickey Stewart & John Smith  
 Finalist- Mike Otomo & Jim McTernan

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Photos 2011
 Bill & Kariny Talbot

AA Tennis Tournament
Hillsboro Beach Club Florida
May 5-11, 2012

                            Winners                              Finalists
   4.0             Bill Talbot/Lucia Tamborra              Andy Steinbeck/Terry Uhrich
   3.5             MIke Otomo/Carolyn Carmen          Steve Thomas/Averil Glover
Singles                           Winners                             Finalists
   Men       4.5             Mike Spasiano                      Steve Nalbandian
   Men        4.0             Don Ferguson                      Miguel Mendoza
Women    4.0            Cheri Prichard                       Diane Byrd
  Men         3.5            Mike Otomo                          John Smith
 Women   3.5           Johanne Diagneault           Tammy Westfall
 Men       4.5   Bill Talbot/Mike Spasiano                Andy Steinbeck/Bob Spahr
 Men       4.0   Gary Brietling/Phil Manczak             Scott Jenkins/Matt Jenkins
Women  4.0   Cheri Prichard/Diane Byrd               Beth Holt/Veronica Stanfield
Men       3.5   Lee Swanson/Dave Stainback     Hector Centeno/Hector Ramos

Women  3.5   Susan Andreassen/Mel Bofto  Patricia Foisey/ Johanne Diagneault  

WII Tennis champion - Avril Glover         

AA Tennis 2013
Tournament Director- Bill Talbot
Site: Hillsboro Club, Hillsboro FL
Date: May 6-9, 2013

Mixed Doubles
Group A Champions- Andy Steinbeck/Cheri Pritchard
Finalists- Peter Acton/Betty Chin
Group B Champions- Michel Masse/Johanne Daigneault
Finalists- Kurt Pannier/Melanie Bofto

Womens Singles
Group A Champion- Diane Byrd
Finalist- Cheri Pritchard
Group B Champion- Tammy Westfall
Finalist- Adele Phelan

Womens Doubles
Group A Champions- Betty Chin/Anouk Giroux
Fianlists- Cheri Pritchard/Diane Byrd
Group B Champions- Adele Phelan/Tammy Westfall
Fianlists- Patricia Foisy/ Johanne Daigneault

Men's Singles
4.5 Champ- Bill Talbot
Finalist- Peter Acton
4.0 Champ- Mark Kosak
Finalist- Bob Spahr
3.5 Champ- Mike Otomo
Finalist- Rick Nazario

Men's Doubles
4.5 Champions- Peter Acton/Bill Talbot
Finalists- Andy Steinbeck/Steve Mckelvy
4.0 Champions- Mark Kosak/David Disbrow
Finalists- Ken Kummer/ Gup Deslisle
3.5 Champions- Kurt Pannier/Jake Westfall
Finalists- Lee Swanson/David Stainback

AA Tennis 2014
Tournament Director- Bill Talbot
Site: Hillsboro Club, FL
Date: May 5th-8th, 2014

Champion                                                         Finalist
Mens 4.5
Singles                          Mike Pennell                                                      Bill Talbot
Doubles               Mike Pennell/Andy Steinbeck                              Bill Talbot/Said Bencheikh

Mens 4.0
Singles                         MIchael Nouri                                                 Marty Morrissey
Doubles               Mark Kosak/Miguel Mendoza                              Gary & Dave Brietling

Men's 3.5
Singles                   Jim "El Gato" McTernan                                       Marc Brown
Doubles                 Gup Delisle/John Smith                                 Bjorn Andreassen/Jim McTernan

Mens 3.0
Singles                         Claude Martin                                                 Gamalier Reyes-Blanco
Mixed Doubles
A                          Andy Steinbeck/Cheri Prichard                                 Mike & Karen Pennell
B                           Mike Otomo/Adele Phelan                                          Ann & John Glenn
Women's A
Singles-                           Diane Byrd                                                         Cheri Prichard
Doubles                Cheri Prichard/Diane Byrd                                  Veronica Stanfield/Beth Holt

Womens  B
Singles                           Adele Phelan                                                        Julie Berube
Doubles                Linda Gonin/Julie Berube                                     Terry Uhrich/Masami Olsen
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